Orthotics arrived

Since doing my first 40 mile week things haven't really gone to plan. On Monday I did an easy 5 miles, followed by a 7 mile run on the Tuesday. My legs and in particular my calves were very tight and clearly struggling to recover. My knees were also a bit sore as were my feet from all of the constant pounding on the round. It was either a case of rest up for a couple of days or get an injury. As a result I haven't been out between Weds-Fri. However, I hope to make up for this by doing a couple of longish runs over the weekend (hope to total about 30 miles for the week).

The one good thing about my run on Tuesday was that I saw a deer in Sutton Park which is an extremely rare find. About 2 years ago it was rumoured in the paper that a muntjac deer had somehow found its way to the park, but having now seen one they definitely do exist. To some people it doesn't sound like much of a find, but for a large mammal to make its own way to Sutton Park which is urbanised for several miles on all sides is nothing short of amazing.

Although I got the Polar watch last Saturday I've already had to send it off for repair today. The footpod which measures the distance/speed isn't talking to the wrist unit, though it did work for the first couple of runs. I haven't uploaded any data to the PC yet as I didn't have the Infrared adapter. This arrived today from Hong Kong (only cost £5 inc p+p!) so will try to upload some data once my watch is repaired.

Today I had my latest podiatry appointment to collect and fit the orthotic inserts. They look a lot more complex than the ones I had done a few years ago. The right orthotic is a bit thicker than the left which will correct the leg length imbalance. Its way too early to determine whether they will sort any of the problems I've got with my feet/legs, but I'm still hopeful. I'll go out for my first run in them tomorrow so will be interesting how they feel.

I haven't got any races over the next few weeks as I want to get some decent training in. I am tempted to do a shortish race in the next couple of weeks but am struggling to find anything suitable. Beyond this I have the Shugborough relays and then the footpath relays towards the end of June.


  1. Hope the Orthotic inserts do the trick, I'm going to build up my running gently now my heel is hopefully on the mend. You are managing some good distances.
    I'd like to plan in a short race for after my holiday, maybe a 10k. Hope you had a good Bank Holiday weekend, mine was pretty hectic!

  2. Thanks Steph - some good distances (though thats when I actually run them - see my next post!).

    Bank Hol was so dull I ended up baking a cake for the first time ever! Yours seems rather active judging from the blog!

    Is there any 10k you have in mind?


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