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Tamworth Gate Gallop

Training in the last few weeks has by and large been positive although I am very much still in tick over mode and am not doing any hard sessions of note.  I've entered the Bournemouth Marathon in October and Valencia Marathon in December so that gives me something to focus on. I entered the Gate Gallop some time ago as for the first time I've been available to do the race and is only 3 miles or so from home.  Its pretty much entirely off road and I the clue is in the title - a few gates / stiles that need to be navigated.  Therefore its not about the time but a case of just having a good solid run.  As this is not a key race I've pretty much been training as normal and in the 6 days preceding the race I had already accumulated 79 miles albeit I ensured there was nothing of intensity beyond Tuesday.  My legs were therefore fairly lethargic but then again they always seem to feel this way more often than not! Start. At the off I pretty much did my own thing and imme