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Wheaton Aston 10k

The Wheaton Aston 10k had become a bit of a post Christmas tradition and I entered it at the end of 2019 as I usually do.  Unfortunately it got cancelled due to flooding and then came Covid so my entry was carried over to 2021.  To be honest I was 50/50 at best with this race, coming so close to the Spine Race, but if I'm honest I really didn't want to know how out of shape I had become over the shorter distances.  Whilst training has got gradually better in recent weeks the focus has moved towards the Spine Race which takes place in two weeks time.  As a result, for the last few months I've done no speed work as its not really a tool that is needed in an ultramarathon.  In the end I decided to give it a crack on the basis that it would be a last opportunity for the legs to have a blast. Conservative start. The weather was a rather chilly 6 degrees, dry but extremely wet under foot and the roads were full of puddles making it impossible to take the shortest line.  Some of t