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Race the Train - Tywyn

Several months ago I entered Race the Train - a fairly iconic race among the running community.  The format is quite simple, you run a challenging 14 mile cross country course and aim to beat a steam train on a narrow gauge railway.  This is not the sort of course that will result in a pb, so priority one was just to enjoy it but second priority was obviously to beat the train!  I was expecting to be around 20th to 30th, but hopeful of perhaps 10th at best judging by previous results. After a 3 hour drive to the race centre I arrived to a far from pleasant August Saturday.  The forecast was heavy driving rain but also 40mph winds - the forecasters were not wrong! I knew the race was tougher in the second half and we would also be running into the wind at that point as well.  As a result I made the decision to take the first half of the race fairly easy and to start going full gas in the second half, well that was the plan anyway! I tried to stay as warm as I could at the start and