40 mile week

At the start of this week I was meant to be religiously following the Runners World half marathon schedule. On Monday I did the easy 5 miles as planned but then on Tuesday I felt lethargic and could only manage 3.5 miles as opposed to the steady 7 miles as planned. Partly it was because I felt tired, partly the weather was dreadful and partly because I set off too fast. Just as I was about to start it began to rain really heavily to the point where streams were forming in the road, but I set off anyway and went too fast (maybe I just wanted to get it over and done with?) and did the first mile in about 5.40. I think the other problem was that I intended to do two laps - but it becomes so easy to drop out after the first lap if you feel tired.

On Weds I was meant to do 4x1200 metres with 3 min recoveries, but instead I tried to tackle the 7 miles from the previous day. Instead of doing two laps I decided to head out further from home and return via Sutton Park. I think I completed 7.2 miles in about 48 mins.

On Thurs I had a rest day and on Fri I did another 7 miles at roughly the same pace as on Wednesday. Today i'll be doing another 7 miles and tomorrow I will be doing about 10 miles so this will be my longest week so far - 40 miles.

I'm finding that both my calf's have been really tight during training to the point where I think I'm going to pull another muscle. I'm going to have to keep an eye on things - maybe the problem is that my calf's are underdeveloped.

I finally got my heart rate monitor today - it looks really good! What I'm most pleased about was that when I bought it for £189 I couldn't find it anywhere else for less than £300. I've just gone back onto the site where I've just bought it from and its now advertised for £350. I wonder whether they made a mistake when they sold it to me? I've done the typical blokey thing and not bothered reading the manual so will see whether it works when I go out for a run later today.

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