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John O'Groats to Lands End - Preamble to an eight hundred and something mile journey...

After taking on the 190 mile Coast to Coast last year in under 4 days I vowed never again.  Since that time there have been further lockdowns and any prospect of 'normal' road racing has been a distant dream.  It made me appreciate all the more that the Coast to Coast wasn't just a trip, but a real journey with some massive highs and lows crossing the best terrain that England has to offer.  Since that time there has been a sensation growing inside me to do something else, but the problem akin to an adrenaline junkie is that the next 'hit' needs to be bigger than the last one.  What better than attempt John O'Groats to Lands' End by foot?! John O'Groats The rules are fairly straight forward - the start and end points are Lands' End and John O'Groats but other than that there is no fixed route.  Google states the shortest distance avoiding motorways is 874 miles, but it is possible to cut this down a bit further as a pedestrian to about 815 - 830