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Aftermath of JOGLE

The short story: I didn't finish JOGLE; indeed I barely made it over half way.  It wasn't for the want of trying but ultimately my body let me down and I'm not sure I could have done much about it even with the benefit of hindsight.  Most people tell me that it was still a huge achievement and perhaps over time my view of it being a failure will change.  The stats: 361 miles in 7 days 442 miles in 11 days (after 2.5 days of forced rest) 881,403 steps. 6,480 metres of climb. Scotland covered in 6 days 9 hours 30 minutes What could have I done differently?  I talked about this with my wife at length, and we have both come to the conclusion that physically/mentally etc. I was fit enough to complete it.  The issue was that the timetable I had allowed was too aggressive for my body.  I had worked on a minimum of 52 miles a day, but the issue with such distances is that every additional mile required has an exponential effect on the body.  For instance the difference in going fro