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Burton 10k

A bit of an up and down few weeks, but thankfully the bladder issues I had at the Worthington 5 have gone, but were replaced with the dreaded return of ankle discomfort.  Thankfully a couple of gym sessions instead of running have kept things at bay. As the Burton 10k is not a key race I consciously decided not to wind back on training much, but perhaps it was a bit of a mistake as my legs (particularly my quads) felt very tired.  Sometimes it doesn't mean anything whilst other times it can compromise the race.  I last did the Burton 10k a couple of years ago in the run up to winning the Chester Marathon, so it was going to be a good benchmark of my relative fitness. Slotting into my usual post off position and about to give a wave! About to move into the lead. At the off, as seems the norm these days I was 3rd or 4th and then moved into the lead and pulled a couple of others along the way on my shoulder.  The course is about as slow as a 10k can get and involves