Legs still heavy...

Since the half at the weekend I have had a fairly easy week (though if you include the half at the weekend then it easily exceeds my highest number of miles in a week!). On Monday I decided to give the legs and feet a rest and on Tuesday I went for a short easy 3.5 miler. On Wednesday I went out for another easy 4.5 miler but was slightly concerned how heavy my legs are. I am surprised just how much the race has taken out of me. I was taking it easy by running 30 secs a mile slower than usual but still finding it a bit of a struggle.

On Thursday I went for another easy 4.5 miles but stopped twice, first to buy some 1000 mile socks at the sports shop, then went to cast my vote at the local elections. Finally on Friday I did another 3.5 miles but went out hard. I did intend to do 6 miles but my legs are still not right. I will go out for my final run today to do a very easy 6 miles and then take two days off before the 10k race at Silverstone. Total miles for the week will be 35 which is easily a new record!

After my decent run at Stratford I have been secretly hoping that I would have a shout of a new 10k pb at Silverstone, but as I get closer with my legs still nowhere near tip top condition, I think its likely that my run is going to be compromised which is a shame. I was intending to go out hard in this race and see how long I can hold on, but with my legs how they are it could be best to start slowly. I'll just have to wait and see (hope) that my legs feel better over the next three days. Things wont be helped by the 7.30pm start after a day at work and the weather forecast is not good.

The week following the race I intend to start a 10 week half marathon plan which will involve upping the mileage to about 40 to begin with. I have no idea how my knee and feet will fare, but I guess I wont find out until I try. The culmination will be at the Milton Keynes half on 22nd July. Being the height of summer this race tends to be fairly hot so it may be that even after the more intensive training I end up running slower. What may be more important is how I do relative to other runners.


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