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Great Birmingham Half Marathon

Since the Tamworth 10k I feel a little more motivated again although as my foot is constantly in discomfort I'm only doing gym work and some focused treadmill runs.  I had entered the Great Birmingham Half some time ago on the assumption that I would be well on the mend, but with all the recent setbacks I had no idea what to expect or whether my foot would be good enough to get round. I decided to just go out and enjoy it although there is always a little added pressure when you have an elite name on the front and number '2' on the back and being listed as one of the pre-race contenders!  On the day the weather was truly awful, about 10 degrees but pretty torrential rain throughout and significant ponding on the roads.  The worst is hanging around before the start and getting cold and soaked through so was glad to get going on time. Chatting with a work colleague at the start. I consciously made sure I didn't go too hard at the start as it is gradually uphill f

Tamworth 10k

Just when I thought things were on the up since Mykonos, I've had another set back in the last couple of weeks.  During a jog I felt a crunch in my tendon and it has meant I've been almost back to square one.  The foot has just about been runnable but I've avoided any outdoor sessions and just focused on gym work instead. In the meantime I went back for the results of my MRI in the last week and I've been told that I've got Osteocytes which are basically some bony growths in my foot causing irritation in the ankle joints, which is then causing a cascading effect of issues that includes my tendons.  The bad news is that the bony growths is something that I will have to live with to some degree but the consultant is reasonably confident in the diagnosis and that I should be able to start running again properly in time.  So in effect the tendon issues is not really the cause, its the effect of other issues elsewhere in the foot.  I'm scheduled for a dose of stero