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Captain Cooks Fell Race - 2018

In a similar vein to the Wheaton Aston 10k, the Captain Cooks Fell Race on New Year's Day is starting to become a tradition whilst having a break in the Yorkshire Dales (although the race itself is North York Moors).  The 2017 edition was a very unusual race in that of the three main contenders I was probably only the fastest of the three of us in two small sections, but it was my consistency and perhaps a little doggedness towards the end where I dug very deep to effect an overtake 300 metres out from the finish and claim the victory.  I was therefore looking forward to the 2018 race and hoped I could retain my title. Start. In the first km along the road section I was well positioned and slotted into second, just ahead of last years runner up.  Towards the end of the first km it was just me and last years runner up who pulled away from everyone else and even at this early stage it was pretty clear it was going to be a head to head shootout between the two of us for victory