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Wheaton Aston 10k

To shake off the Christmas excess I entered the Wheaton Aston 10k a few weeks ago.  It is an event I did in 2012 and it didn't exactly bring happy memories at the time.  After four years of doing nothing I joined a gym and assumed any fitness I had gained on an indoor treadmill could be transferred to the road - wrong!  I entered the event in 2012 just to see where I was and the answer was pretty clear - I died after 2 miles and ended up running almost 41 minutes.  It ended any thoughts of doing further road races and subsequently I did no further running up to March of 2015. Over the last few weeks my training had been going reasonably well and my training times suggested I was in better form than the 36.32 I ran at Tamworth in October.  I've also lost a bit more weight and I'm now 10 stone 8 lbs so I'm now quite a bit lighter for some reason than I was in 2008 when I was 11st 4lb  I started off a couple of rows back from the front although I pushed a bit harder this

Petzl Night Runner Grizedale Forest

A few weeks ago I saw an event called Petzl Night Runner at Grizedale in the Lake District.  I decided to combine the event with a couple of days of annual leave to spend a long weekend in one of my favourite parts of the country.  The event had been in doubt as there was significant flooding in the area due to Storm Desmond and on the day itself there was quite a lot of snow in the hours before leading to a lot of criticism from some competitors about whether the event should have gone ahead - more about that later. I knew the course was going to be tough; firstly its the Lake District and secondly the course map made it clear that there were going to be some significant uphills so any idea of running a good time was out of the question!  The course suggested a 30m climb in the first km but between 2-3km there was a 100m climb at an average of 10% and a further smaller climb over the following km! I decided to use my old orienteering head torch made by Silva with a huge spotlight