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Running with Lyme's Disease

Post JOGLE I had already planned to have some down time as I've learnt that the body may superficially recover quite quickly, but beneath the surface it takes far longer.  The plan was to take a couple of weeks off, do a bit of cycling and gradually build things back up for an event I have planned for October.  Well, things have not gone to plan at all. The cycling I was doing to let the issues with my leg heal went ok, but it felt far harder than it should have done.  My heart rate was sky high and I thought it would sort itself out with a bit of time.  The leg soon recovered but my body wasn't.  A month after JOGLE and I was struggling to run more than 5km and anything much more than 10km just about finished me off.  I originally put this down due to the exertions of covering 440 miles in a week and a half, but I was concerned that I wasn't really recovering.  Something just didn't feel right at all. Around this time a rash started to develop around my wrist at the si