Calf Strain Update

Since the race on Tuesday I haven't done any running and have iced the calf three times a day. The good news is that it looks likely that I should be able to start running again on Monday and might even go out for a light jog on Sunday.

Since the race I have typed in my 10k time to see what the equivalent is over other distances:

1500: 4.38
5m: 28.38
10m: 1.00.09
Half: 1.19.53
Mara 2.48.29

These times are not what I will run (and not necessarily even capable of), but is the equivalent if you trained for that distance. What is encouraging is that the calculator thinks I'm just about on the threshold of being able to run sub 1hr for 10 miles.

Surprisingly I have already run quicker than my predicted 1500 metre time as a junior - When I was 15 I ran 4.23. Of course that was ten years ago but all the same. If I used my 1500 pb as the base time then it says I should be capable of 33.58 in a 10k, 1.15 for a half and 2.39 for a mara. Looks like I'm under achieving!!! I think it shows how unfit I am now as I should be even quicker now when compared to when I was 15, or perhaps shows how fit I was then!

I've placed a order for a heart rate monitor - the first bit of kit for the Marathon des Sables. I had promised myself that I wouldn't start buying any kit until next year, but felt that it would be a really useful aid when training. After a bit of research I've gone for the Polar RS800SD which is a bit on the expensive side but has plenty of features to keep me happy. It also has a foot pod so it automatically measures how far I'm running with 98% accuracy. I found a site that is flogging them about £150 cheaper then elsewhere - in fact so much cheaper that I've been questioning whether its too good to be true. Either way I'll find out if/when it turns up in the next couple of days.


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