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Another 50 miles...

At the start of the week I went for a 6 mile run on one of my newish winter loops and took it fairly easy. The following day I was down in Bristol with work and by the time I got back at 8pm I really couldn't muster the energy so took a rest day instead. As a result on Wednesday morning I decided to try make amens by running the 11.5 miles to work which I haven't done for a while. Its a bit of an early start setting off at home at 6.45am and arriving at work just after 8.15am. I didn't particularly go hard, partly because I have a day of work ahead of me but also because I was carrying a fullish rucksack with work stuff inside. In case you were wondering, yes work do have showers! On Thurs and Fri evening I went on the same evening loop but with a tiny extension to make it 10km. On the Thursday loop I went moderately fast in the second half to do the 10km in 44.40 which isn't too bad as there is a fair bit of climb. During the week I've still been getting t

Bit of Everything Week

After the cross country race I didn't do any training until Tuesday because of my continuing sore foot. I then went out for a 5.5 mile gentle run and the foot felt ok . What was unusual about this run is that its the first time in months that I went out whilst it was raining. About half way round it bucketed it down and in a funny kind of way quite enjoyed it. Must do it more often! I followed this up by intending to do an 11 mile run on Wednesday. About 1km into the run my left knee 'went' quite badly. For those unaware I've had a very long history of knee trouble which was what stopped me from running for several years until I discovered cod liver oil last year. It was clearly bad news and I had to hobble straight back home. What was worrying for me was that it is the first time I've had any serious trouble since starting the supplements last year. Although I know I'm injury prone, this is the one injury I seriously fear. As a result I didn't go out on T

North Staffs Cross Country, Race Three - Stafford

A few days after the OMM I experienced a pain on the underside of my right foot in the bones that link to my small toes. Its fine when I don't put pressure on the foot but quite uncomfortable whilst walking. The pain was getting progressively worse during the week, partly because I have a short walk to and from the train station when getting to work which was aggravating things. The more I think about it I am beginning to wonder whether its some form of minor hairline fracture as there is no swelling and don't feel any pain when prodding it either. As a result I've only been out for one run since the OMM (the run was before the foot pain developed). Its now been two weeks since the event and the foot doesn't feel any better. Today was the third race of the North Staffs Cross Country League held at Stafford Common. The race is my least favourite of the season and after all the trouble over the last two weeks I really wasn't mentally up for it. My body w