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Wheaton Aston 10k

In what is now a post Christmas tradition I made my third appearance at the Wheaton Aston 10k that I won in 32.22 last year and still stands as my PB.  Whilst I no longer focus on the shorter races any more I was pretty confident that my PB would be smashed. In the lead up to the start the conditions were really poor - plenty of standing water some of which covered the entire width of the road, it was blustery, near freezing and started to gently snow about 10 minutes before the start although this cleared before the race began.  I quickly decided that the conditions were not particularly conducive to fast running and decided to just go with the flow and run it as a race rather than go for a time. Relaxing in the lead group. In the first km I was in a lead group of 4 and whilst we went through the first km in a decent lick of 3.18 I was well in control.  Over the next 3km the pace slowed considerably - 3.36, 3.30 & 3.31 and despite the conditions it was really slow.  After

Petzl Nightrunner Grizedale

In what is starting to become a bit of a tradition I entered the Grizedale night event as part of a long weekend away in the Lake District.   As this is the third year in a row that I’ve done the event it would be a good test of relative fitness assuming the course conditions are more or less the same.   Unfortunately, it became clear that this would be far from the case as I waited in the event centre car park.   There was already some snow on the ground, it was -2C and is was starting to snow again about 90 minutes before the start.   It was even getting to the point about having to decide whether to bail from the event, as if the snow started to settle on the roads it would be almost impossible to get back to Ambleside safely.   Thankfully, about an hour before the start it stopped again, so the race was on! Can just about make me out in seven layers stripping down just before the off! Due to how cold it was I decided to race in my leggings for the first time ever and als