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Cheshire 10k

Since the last post I've done pretty much no road running because of my foot but last Monday I had another hospital appointment following the results of my MRI to have a steroid injection in the ankle joint.  Its too early to tell what, if anything, it has done but I remain hopeful!  In the intervening period it has just been more gym work and some treadmill running, which is all well and good but not as beneficial as the real thing. Today was the Cheshire 10k; a bit far away for a 10k but I wanted a real fitness test on an accurately measured course (ahem Tamworth (almost) 10k!) that is flat and fast with some real competition.  Looking at previous results I knew that I wouldn't be at the thick end of the race so it was all about the time.  There is no hiding in these sorts of events, the time would be a true reflection of where I am at the moment.  I was hoping that I was in some sort of shape and certainly the Tamworth 10k and Birmingham Half both show that I'm certain