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Mykonos Run 10k

As is usual when booking a holiday I usually have a quick look to see whether there are any local races on.  As we were going to Mykonos for a week I was highly doubtful there would be anything on such a small Greek island, but as it happened there was the annual Mykonos Run 10k on the day of our departure.  The slight logistical problem was that the race was scheduled to start at 5pm, whilst my flight was 9.05pm with check in closing an hour before.  There was also an issue in that it was a ‘point to point’ race so had no idea how I would get to the start.  In any case I entered on the basis that I could figure it all out nearer the time. A couple of days before the event I thought I’d pop to the town hall to just check that my entry was all in order only to find they had no record despite me having paid!  It was all sorted though and lucky I did pop by as I was told that there would be a bus from the main town to the start about an hour before the race but was only given vague dire

Little Aston 5

What a nightmare 2018 so far.  Everything was going to plan in January and all the signs were there that I was starting to move to the next level.  As usual, part of training is about managing niggles and I had some minor ankle discomfort but over the course of a couple of weeks it got worse and worse.  It eventually got to the point of not running for a week but every time I tried to run again nothing had changed. Roll forward five months and the ankle pain was diagnosed as posterior tibialis tendonitis but no matter what treatment I tried the pain would not budge.  I even had a dose of steroids, xray and MRI to try and understand what was going on but alas nothing.  In the end I rolled the dice a bit and at the beginning of July I tried some short runs (like 5 mins on a treadmill) and I was just about able to run pain free, although far from sensation free.  I've been able to build up bit by bit since then and I'm convinced the running in a controlled fashion has helped the