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Ronnie Bowker 10k Canon Hill Park

Over the last couple of weeks I've not been feeling too well and have pretty much done no training.  I've caught some sort of bug, resulting in a temperature and a chest infection.  I'd entered the Ronnie Bowker 10k some time ago and it was touch and go whether I would recover enough in time.  Had I not pre-entered the race a few weeks earlier I would definitely not have run today and a jog earlier in the week confirmed my legs were dead.  In the end I decided to do the race to a) get my monies worth but also b) I was more or less fit enough but with a residual chesty cough and c) it was a good way to get a quality session in after a couple of weeks out. As a result of my illness I decided to keep it fairly easy at the start and although try to run as best I can, not to expect too much.  The event was very low key, perhaps just 150 runners although the park was full of other people and I knew I'd have to do lots of people dodging en-route.  I started at a fair pace bu