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Summer Spine Race 2022 - Me and the Spine Race Just Don't Get On

Well its Two v Nil to the Spine Race and I write this with the race still in full flow. After dropping out of the winter version of the race in January just after Dufton with a litany of injuries, I decided to give the race another crack to make amends.  I decided to go at my own pace at the start and to keep things nice and slow.  Despite this I was in second place at the point of the start of the Pennine Way proper, with the leader, Tiaan Erwee off at an incredible pace.  I took it nice and easy and everything was so relaxed but I noticed that just after the steep bit of Jacobs Ladder I was slowly catching Tiaan bit by bit with no one in sight behind. I was really enjoying it and got to within 30 seconds of him after about 4.5 miles into the race and then before I knew it I hit the ground and twisted my ankle.  Again. It was all going so well... I instantly knew it was bad.  I got up and couldn't put any weight on the ankle at all for about 60 seconds.  I progressed into a hobble