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Ramathon 2017

After my time of 2.27.59 at the Manchester Marathon I managed to obtain a free elite entry to the Ramathon as the qualifying time was sub 2.28.00 so in this case literally every second counts! The day was clearly going to be very warm (circa 20 degrees) and a reasonable breeze too, not conducive to the fastest possible times.  I had a mini altercation on the start line as one of the elite runners from Coventry Godiva casually just pushed his way right in front of me at the start line.  I decided hold my ground so when it came to be 'On Your Marks' he couldn't lean into a racing start pose and he had to start bolt upright! Start Over the first km there was an early group of 7 of us, four of which formed the main group and the remaining 3 of us in single file behind with me at the back.  Just before the end of the first km the group split into two and I was in the second bunch.  I felt reasonably comfortable, yet was surprised to go through the first km in 3.12.  I