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Ranger Ultras - Yorkshire 3 Peaks 100k

Five weeks since the High Peak 100k I have fully recovered from the race that coincided with the hottest day of the year.  Today was my next event, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks 100k and the weather could barely have been more of a contrast.  A bright day, but very fresh and probably the coldest day since Spring with a high of about 12c forecast in the valley around lunchtime, but nearer to freezing at the start and end of the day as well as up on the fells. Where's Wally? The plan for me was always the 100k, but since the majority of entrants would stop at the 70k mark, you never are truly sure of your relative race position until late on.  All you can do is pace what you think is sustainable over the 100k and not be too concerned about what others are doing as ultimately its almost 50% further, plus two additional ascents of Great Shunner Fell.  Despite this, I was well placed at the start and near to the front with my position moving up and down depending which bits of the first ascent