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MK Run Half Marathon

Over the last few weeks I've done some good tempo runs so knew that my half marathon PB of 1.14.37 set last October was almost certainly going to be broken.  I was thinking about 1.11.00 to 1.11.30 was possible but 3 days out from the race I caught a cold.  The cold was not a major one but it was enough to make me feel pretty lethargic, chesty and generally off form.  Whilst it was not bad enough for me to consider pulling out of the race, all bets were off in terms of my time. The first few hundred metres were slightly downhill and quite early on there were four of us who formed an early group.  The pace felt testing but at the same time was not so fast that it was causing me too many concerns.  Every now and then there would be a small surge in the pace but it soon settled down.  One thing I noticed was that on the small downhills (mostly to underpasses) I would drop to the back of the group but then coming back out uphill I would close the gap with ease.  After about 2km we we