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Ranger Ultras - North & South

Training has been going quite well up to 3 weeks ago when I decided to do my first Parkrun in over 4 years.  A good time (15.54) showed that I still have a bit of pace in the legs despite my now advancing age, but unfortunately the pain returned in my right ankle that caused me to take over a year away from running.  I've done very little activity since and with the Spine now on the horizon I've been starting to get concerned about whether I will be able to have a decent training block, or even start. I was therefore more than just a little worried about my last race before the Spine, whether I'd be able to get round, or get round but cause even more damage.  Sometimes I've had these minor injuries in the past and somehow after a race they just sort of melt away, so this was what I was hoping for. Day 1 I had it in my head that as the first day was 'just' 50k, to treat it similar as I would a marathon in terms of relative effort.  Writing this with the benefit o