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Hadrian's Wall Path - Video Log

For anyone interested in seeing the suffering endured whilst completing the Hadrian's Wall Path my wife has put together a compilation of the journey.

Hadrian's Wall Path

Although it has been a month since I did the Coast to Coast I am still recovering from the exerts.  Superficially, my feet are more or less back to normal, except I'm still shedding dead skin!  Deep down though I know that I'm still recovering; my resting HR is about 10-15 bpm higher than normal and just jogging on the treadmill has been much harder than it should be.  I haven't even been able to think about some harder sessions at the moment. As competitive racing appears to be as far away as its ever been, there has been the itch to undertake another long distance path whilst the weather and daylight is still on my side.  This time I selected the somewhat shorter Hadrian's Wall Path at 84 miles long, but the nub of this challenge was to complete it within 36 hours.  Whilst on paper this is nowhere near as hard as the Coast to Coast both in terms of length and elevation, I didn't want to do anything much harder as my body just isn't ready yet. Hadrian's Wal