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Burton 10 Miles

Since the Kingsbury Classic a week or so ago I managed to twist my ankle moving some furniture and ever since it has shown the same symptoms I had over a year ago i.e. runnable but back on the same slippery path I've been on in the past.  To be honest I think my ankle would have gradually ended up back this way anyway but obviously twisting it was never going to help.  I've since had another consultation at hospital and I think its basically a case of having to live with the condition and so may not be able to train in the same way as I've done in the past and perhaps even reassess my goals. Today was the Burton 10 miles; not only a race I've not done before but also a distance that I've not raced.  The build up was not fantastic as I went for a meal out with family on Friday for a 5-course Mediterranean Tasting Menu with a few alcoholic drinks.  The booze was never going to help but the shear quantity of food I ate meant that I was 4.5lbs heavier than normal come

Kingsbury Classic 10k

What a nightmare start to 2019 and for most of 2018 for that matter.  The issue with my right ankle joint first happened at the end of January 2018 that eventually got resolved around September.  I managed to get a couple of months of treadmill based training in with some gym work, only for my left Achilles to flare up during December.  I've then been pretty much out of action until March where I've started the long path of trying to get some fitness back. Such has been the issues there have been several times where I've come close to calling it a day, but am hopeful that I'm over the worst.  Nonetheless its a long road ahead and I'm very sensitive to any minor aches and pains coming from the ankle area.  Only in the last 3-4 weeks have I gradually progressed from the treadmill to road and it feels at times like I'm having to start everything from scratch i.e. learning paces, accrued muscle fatigue etc.  At the moment the priority has been time on the feet