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March 2020 Update

A rare non race update from me these days, not that there is likely to be many races to report on in the foreseeable future due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  It was always going to be touch and go whether I would be ready for London Marathon as I have only been able to train again towards the end of January, but only really doing any focused work towards the end of February.  Its been a strange period as I have always been able to train, but never felt I was in a place to do any longer work that is key for a Marathon build up.  I therefore entered the Stafford Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago to give me some proper data, but also because I could foresee that if I didn't race then, then there was every chance that it would be my last opportunity this side of summer due to the virus outbreak.  As it turned out I ran 68.24 and whilst not a PB it was a far harder course and I felt much stronger at the end of the race.  The data told me I would have been ready for London and all syst

Stafford Half Marathon

First blog of the year, partly by design, partly enforced and partly down to a couple of niggles.  Post Valencia on the 1st December I was next scheduled to do the Wheaton Aston 10k on the 27th December which has become a bit of a tradition for me.  As it turned out it got cancelled due to flooding.  I then went on our annual New Year break to Yorkshire and decided to enjoy the trails and skip the New Year fell race.  However the terrain pretty much destroyed my calves and I suspect the tightness caused some knee pain that I have had to contend with ever since. For the first couple of weeks in January I was confined to gym work only as the pain was too much but it has gradually eased enough that I was content to just tick over with easy treadmill running.  However, it never felt good enough to go outside or do any of the devilish treadmill sessions that probably led to my 2.20 at Valencia. So whilst I've never been unfit, until the beginning of March I've been pretty much j