One step forward and another back...

I wouldn't normally update the blog so early in the week however my fears at the weekend regarding my foot problem have materialised. It doesn't feel like a muscle injury so am assuming its some sort of joint problem or more likely a minor stress fracture. I was walking today from the train station to work and it was quite uncomfortable. I will try and rest it for the remainder of the week unless there is a sudden improvement and do some cycling instead. Its a shame really as I felt like last weeks training went really well. Oh well!


  1. Hope you know what you're letting yourself in for:
    You'll have to get onto fells for some long races me thinks ;)

  2. Injuries are so frustrating! Hope your foot problem soon goes, I'm sure resting and cross training will help, I know how you feel though!

  3. Cheers Rob - I had already seen the article but thanks for pointing it out anyway. Yeah need to do some proper training though time is on my side. Have done most types of race but never a fell so will look into it at some point but want to get the marathon out of the way first.

    With all the training I'm doing how will it feel to be the ex-Mungo Bone champ I wonder? lol!

  4. Yup, thanks Steph and good luck with your trip to Morocco. I've been with both Exodus (Libya) and Explore (Namibia) before - cant remember which one you are going with, but for my they were both great holidays that I wont forget. Have you been with either of them before?

    Had a day off yesterday and today went out for a bike ride instead of a run because of my foot. Cycled from Sutton to Cannock Chase and back - 35 miles in total. It was a bit hillier than I thought and loads further but just about coped with it in the end.

  5. Lloydyboy....
    orthotics=changed bio-mechanics expect the changes to take a while to bed down!! Shock absorbtion is a key issue try some very thin sorbothan insoles benath the orthotics - they are designed to do just that unlike the orthotics I'm guessing.. says he who has just started running after 8 weeks out injured with a sore knee!!!




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