Another Write Off

Another week of immense frustration after the high of last weekend. During the 10k my legs felt pretty good and tactically I had about as good a run as possible. Perhaps what was equally positive was that I came away without any sign of injury.

I took Monday off because of the race the day before and didn't want to aggravate anything. Tuesday was going to be another nil return as I had my first sports massage. It was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting, although occasionally uncomfortable. The chap doing the massage who incidentally was a 2.28 marathon runner in his prime reckoned that my tight calf's are just a symptom of high mileage and nothing to be massively concerned about. Hopefully a few sessions will keep things in check.

On Wednesday I was out for the evening so that day was another write off which was followed by my stomach feeling out of sorts the next day. Finally I managed to go out for a run on Friday. Due to all of the rest my legs were bursting with energy, although also felt a bit rusty at the same time. I didn't push too hard, but it wasn't a jog either. I did just over 9 miles at an average pace of 6.30 min miles. I know that it pretty quick, but I think it was more as a result of my legs feeling quite fresh.

My training over the last 3 weeks or so has frankly been crap, so I really could do with a month of quality training to get back to where I want to be. I probably haven't lost much fitness, probably no more than a couple of good weeks of training would resolve. What I have lost though is where I would have improved to had my recent woes not surfaced.

I'm the sort of runner who blows hot and cold. The run last week at Leamington was very uplifting, punctuated by a week such as this where I almost feel like jacking it all in. I suppose I'm a very negative runner, rather than looking at things positively I keep looking at how crap I am. However I use this as a way of pushing myself to improve (perhaps I push too hard sometimes and this is what results in injury). I need to keep telling myself how far I've come over the last year, running 38.00 10k's to begin with which is now down to 34.35. I just need to keep plugging away and hopefully the results will come.

Back to the plus side I found out that in the end I came 6th at Leamington. The only photos available are of the sort that you have to purchase. Unusually for me I have decided to fork out the ridiculous amount to buy them, with the snow in the background I think it might be worth the wait. When I get them I'll post them to the blog. Only other news is that I'm now currently ranked 435th in the UK for 10k, although by the end of the year I expect this to fall to around 1,300 based upon 2007 rankings.

I have yet to decide what I will do over the weekend, there is a tempting multi terrain race just a couple of miles away from where I live, but at the same time it might just be worth having a couple of days of decent training instead.


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