100th Post and Injury

Sorry I haven't posted to my blog recently, unfortunately silence usually means injury and this is no exception. Whenever this happens I tend to feel in the doldrums and don't want to post anything...

What would be the week before last I started off on Tuesday with my usual 10k blast. I absolutely demolished my 10.2k best time on that course and when I worked out the equivalent for exactly 10k I found I was only 6 seconds off my race pb in a time of 36 minutes exactly! I was absolutely flying! The following day I ran from work back to home (11.5 miles) and again in a new pb time, although this session I rarely push very hard.

On Thursday I did another 10.2km this time in a more relaxing time of 42.23. The tightness of my calf's have been getting steadily worse since when I first posted about this a month or so ago. It got to the point of me calling someone who is a runner who specialises in sports massages to see whether he can sort them out. He reckons its nothing to be worried about on 60mpw distance and is to be expected. Anyway the next day I was walking from my bus stop to work (about 15 mins) when I could feel an odd locking sensation in my left knee (the bad one). Its not locking out in the literal sense, its the tendons running on either side of the leg going in and out of the knee just not working correctly. Anyway, I thought no more of it, and Friday was a rest day anyway. On Saturday I went for what was my 21 mile long run. I have to say the conditions were pretty bad, strong winds and driving rain in what was just above freezing temperatures. Everything started off ok and I felt pretty good all of the way through then suddenly my left knee went. I knew instantly it was bad news so stopped straight away. I think it was after 13.5 miles that this happened. The downside was that this was my country run where I can be up to 6 miles from home. Thankfully at the point it happened I was just about to cross the main road which leads back home, about 2 miles away. I tried a very very slow jog a couple of times, and instantly I knew it was a no go. As a result I was faced with a 40 minute walk into the strong wind, with just my running clothes, no gloves and it tipping it down. Needless to say the walk was one of the most unpleasant experiences I've experienced. By the time I got back, not only my hands but also my arms were numb. I was struggling to get the door key out of my pocket, and then to open the door. I had to head straight into the shower to get some temperature back into my body as I was fairly hypothermic. I'm not going to pretend that I was near unconscious or anything, but had I been any further from home in the countryside I could have been in real trouble.

As a result this week has been a total write off, although the only good thing coming from it is that it also gives my calf's a rest. The next problem is that I have a 10k at Leamington tomorrow. Its not a race I care about much, but obviously if I can run it I want to do it. I did a 3.5 mile evaluation run on Friday at a very light jog and the jury is still out. The clicking sensation in the tendon has gone, but the knee is still sore, probably as a result of some inflammation. Of course with the history of problems in that area I really shouldn't risk anything.

Anyway I think I'll risk tomorrow. Shit or bust as they say.


  1. Mate, that's shocking news... however I can relate to you on the calf situation. I've been having eactly the same issues for the last month, and it's only now that they've started to go. Couple of tips for you (sounds like you're onto it already):

    - Physio: I had a session with a really good sports masseuse and it really helped clear the soreness out
    - Trainers? Sounds an obvious one, but sore calfs generally means trainers have gone... it's taken me 3 pairs to work this one out! Each time promising myself to watch how many miles I've done in them 300-400 they reckon! I know, that's a new pair every 2 months!
    - Have one lighter week every 4-5 weeks

    I've learnt soe big lessons coming up to my marathon. I've also spoken to a good marathon runner friend of mine who did this last year too, and he says the same. It's the journey, not the race to get there, and he thought that my 50 mile a week average was too high at this stage. I told him to sod off though...

    As for the knee, I do hope it's not too serious though Lloyd... take good care of it and get the priorities right. Not doing a 10km is probably best, it's the MDS which is the end result. I was getting too obsessed with my marathon, and had to remind myself. It's the MDS which is the big one, not the Canberra marathon. This is just part of the journey.

    Anyway's time to sign off and hope you're doing good. And take care... I want you to be my pacer in 2009 :) Hahahahaha, more than likely you'll be helping me over the line!

  2. Lloyd, hope the knee recovers quickly, I know how frustrating an injury can be, but as Dan says the end goal is the MdS next year so guess you will have to go with how it feels.

    Keep us updated, hopefully your training will be back to normal in next to no time.

  3. Cheers Dan/Steph, Looks like it wasnt as bad as I had feared after the race today. That said I'm going to take a couple of days off anyway as a precaution. Hopefully it wont reoccur whatever caused it.

    Dan- You're certainly on my wish list for tent mates next year, as long as your dont dress like you did at Pub Golf on Facebook! You too Steph!


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