MK Half Photos

Results are now out and I came 35th out of 2,000.

Well it turns out that I actually beat my 5km PB by 6 seconds which is a bit embarrasing. At the 10km mark I was 13 seconds outside my 10km PB.

And now for the photos. After my fashion faux pas at the Draycote Marathon I opted for a little black number this time...

This was around 5 miles in. Just been overtaken, again...

Not far from the finish


  1. Yes, much better choice of clothing Lloyd :) You should se what I wear though! All Lycra, tight fit and very 'hugging'. I got some comments last night from 3 muppets who were walking around the lake I run around. Needless to say at 6'4 and 15 stone a short sharp look and fist coiled back in a punching motion soon shuts them up :) Still good times. I've sihned up for the Sydney half and the Hunter Valley half as well over the few months post my marathon, just to keep things going. LIke you though, I'm wondering what life will be like after the marathon, given that I'm so focused on it! Fingers crossed I get through it first though!


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