A Hard Week

Another 5 day week this week, but of a far higher quality...

On Monday I had the day off as per the norm at the moment. The following day I did a hard 10km session averaging 6.10 min miles.

On Wednesday I did a 12.5 mile route at an average of 6.39 min miles and felt pretty good all of the way round which was surprising considering I had such a hard session the day before. This was followed up on Thursday by going out for a 7 mile run on my 'summer' country route averaging 6.33 min miles. Again I felt pretty good all of the way round. I hadn't done this route for a while as its not really possible to run here safely in the dark and the road becomes almost impassable with heavy rain. As I had the week off work, it was good to do this route again.

Friday was another rest day before deciding to go for a long 20 mile run on Saturday. I haven't done one of these in training for a while, the last one about 2 months ago before tapering for the Draycote Marathon. As seems to be normal I don't particularly look forward to these runs, but its just a case of going out and doing it. I decided to do a new route and just guessed how far it was. I felt fine for the first 12 or so miles before it was really windy for about 3 miles with virtually no respite. The only other thing of note was that it snowed on and off for the the first 6 miles. I finished my run in 2hrs 14 mins so knew it was going to be under 20 miles, but sometimes its best not to over plan these things as I do have a habit of trying to do a certain number of miles in x minutes. Afterwards I measured the route on mapmyrun and found it to be 19.5 miles so averaged 6.52 min miles which I'm pretty pleased with, especially considering the wind. I did carry an electrolyte replacement drink around with me that didn't include carbs/sugars as I want to train my body to do without and make better use of fat burn. As it happens I didn't drink any liquid whatsoever, so whether this was a brave or stupid decision I'll let you decide!

The final run of the week was today's recovery run. I say recovery as I did 12.7 miles at an average of 6.33 min miles so it was way way too fast, but still a good run to end the week with after the long run the previous day.

Total mileage for the week is 58.5 which was fairly comfortable, even though it is my fourth longest week ever and only included 5 runs. Hopefully more of the same next week, although I'll be back at work!


  1. Nice work Lloyd... seems like youre back on it now. Just on the not drinking, I used to do that back in the UK. I think you can get away with it more because the weather is obviously a lot colder. However I would add that it's probably better for you to actually be drinking electrolyte on the way round. Since moving over to warmer climes here in Sydney, I take a drink with me on all runs, even the little 7 milers, and train myself to drink every 5mins - however like you I dont have electrolyte that containis any sugar (hence using Nuun). It's good practice in terms of knowing how much you're drinking, so you can get the balance right between check points on the real thing. However I'll leave it up to your judgement mate :)

    Know what you mean about the 20+ milers... I hate them too, funny isnt it how we're doing a race that contains 5 back-to-back 20+ milers :) Just done my last one ahead of Canberra... so pleased to have got it out the way. Keep up the good work mate.

  2. Hi Lloyd, you are doing really well, am impressed by your weekly mileage! I am up to around 35 miles a week now. Are you doing the Belvoir Half?


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