Although I haven't really mentioned it in my blog I've been feeling really lethargic over the last few weeks. I'm not very sure why, but I have been sleeping really badly so this will have something to do with it - the best analogy I can come up with is that its like going to bed really tired but with a head full of stimulants.

As a result this week my mileage has dropped off significantly. My first run of the week was on Wednesday (Boxing Day) to do my 9 mile loop through the park. To be honest I didn't enjoy the run at all, the place was heaving; literally thousands of people in the park - I've never seen it so busy. I had to weave a lot to pass groups of people, but also be wary of dogs off their leash, plus kids with their new bikes and rollerblades etc. To cap it off, the park roads were choked and had to make a couple of late manoeuvres to avoid oncoming vehicles. On the plus side, taking this into account I went at a fairly hard pace and averaged 6.55min miles.

The following day I intended to go for a slightly longer 10-11 mile run, but a combination of being knackered and the legs still heavy from the previous run meant I chickened out and only ran 10km. Again to compensate a little I went at a hard pace and averaged 6.54 min miles.

I would have gone for a long 20 mile run on Saturday but I was doing overtime at work, so decided to run the 12 miles home. I have to say that was one of the most enjoyable runs I've done - just as I set off it was getting dark very quickly and the lights around the canals and local buildings were amazing. I just went at an easy pace with my light rucksack on and averaged 7.45min miles. It was just one of those runs where I felt that I was putting in very little effort and felt great all the way round.

The total for the week is a frankly pathetic 27 miles though slightly compensated by harder mid week runs, but I'm hoping to have a better week this week.

On a slightly different note I've bit the bullet and entered the Draycote Water Marathon on 17th Feb - so basically I have four weeks to be ready before a gradual wind down in mileage ready for the event. This is my first Marathon so I hope my recent training will be worth it!


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