Hitting the Wall...

Since the cross country last weekend I gave blood on Monday so decided not to go out for a run as it probably wouldn't be a good idea. Then didn't run on Tuesday either because I couldn't be bothered, but also because I decided to run the 12 miles to work early the next day instead. I had a really enjoyable run to work and got there a lot quicker than usual but without the additional effort. It took me 1:28 instead of the usual 1.32-35

I followed this up on Thursday with a short but intense 3.5 mile run just to zap the legs as I haven't done a proper speed session for a while. I averaged 6:30 min miles so was fairly happy with the effort although very tiring. Finally on Friday I did a 10km recovery jog, and unusually for me didn't look at my watch at all and just ran to how I felt. I was slightly surprised that my recovery jog was still 7:30 min miles but I couldn't have gone much slower than I did.

Today I went for a 20 miler, but have to say that I felt knackered from a week of work, plus the sessions this week took a lot out of me. Not helping matters was that my car was booked in for a MOT and I didn't realise quite how far away it was, so had a 40 min walk to get back home. As a result my legs didn't feel great from the outset and wondered whether my intended route was such a good idea. I felt a bit better between 6-12 miles, but after a couple of hills I had pretty much hit the wall after 15. I kept thinking about cutting home early but felt that it was a bit wimpish to take the easy option, and thought that these extra miles would be 'character building'. I somehow managed the last 5 miles and struggled home in 2.25, a touch quicker than when I did the same run a few weeks ago. The downside was that I felt bloody awful. Its runs like this that make me wonder whether I'm cut out for the marathons, let alone ultras such as the MdS. I kind of feel like packing it all in - why should I put my body through this amount of pain and pay £3k for the privilege? Needless to say I wont be doing any training tomorrow, although I had originally intended an easy 9 miler. 41 miles in total for the week.

On a separate note it seems that the Thames Meander event is already full with three months to go before the event. As a result my plan for next year in slightly in tatters. I've had a quick look at possible events and there are a couple of ultras such as the Gloucester 50k or the Draycote 35m, but to be honest the distance isn't much more than the marathon that both events also offer. As a result I'm looking at the possibility of doing the Draycote Marathon on the 17th Feb if I'm going to do anything at all. I know at the moment that I'm nowhere near sub 3hrs fit which is the benchmark I would like to aim for, but am probably somewhere around 3.05 - 3.15 fit at the moment. If I do Draycote I wont go for a sub 3hr run (unless my fitness improves dramatically) for fear of burning up, but go slightly slower on purpose so I can get used to the distance as I've never run that far before.


  1. Hi Lloyd, it could just be that your body is still getting used to the long distances. I haven't tried to run 20 miles yet although I know I can walk it.

    Maybe try a mixture of running and walking and build up the amount of time you run? That's what I'm going to do although I will still keep up the long walks too.

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