The wrong type of woman on the line...

Although this blog is almost exclusively devoted to training I have had one of those strange days which I think warrants its own entry. First of all on the train to work someone got on the train with a wheelie-bin. It was obviously quite heavy as it took the bloke some effort to get it on. The guard then came over and chucked him off the train.

Later on in the morning we had a power cut at work which was probably the first for a couple of years. Nothing too unusual there, but then my computer wouldn't turn back on once the power had been restored. I got one of the computer guys to take a look and it turns out its been fried so had to get a new one.

On the way home at New Street Station I was in a semi doze on the train then heard loads of screaming a couple of metres away from me. Turns out that a young woman fell in the gap between the platform edge and train. A few people pulled her out then she sat on the platform for a while waiting for the paramedics to arrive. As far as I can tell it was nothing serious, just shock. How can anyone (especially young) fall between a small gap is beyond me but there you go. Even though she was pulled out within 30 secs the train was subsequently cancelled. Oh joy.

Back on the training theme I didn't do any running yesterday because of a sore knee. I was going to have a rest day either yesterday of today anyway so it kind of made my mind up for me. Today I went out for a nice 7 mile run in the country. I didn't wear my HRM for a change and it was a nice feeling just to run at the pace I want to rather than constantly monitoring it. I should run without my HRM more often. There was an ulterior motive though - on Sunday's run the strap of the HRM has rubbed part of my chest raw and am left with a rather fetching friction burn type scab.

Edit: Was just looking at the hit count for this blog and couldnt help noticing someone who found my blog on yahoo with the search terms "aching calves and orthotics". My blog is the number 6 hit for the search term. Sums my training up really!


  1. Hi Lloyd, glad you're recovered now- I have some kind of headachey virus at the mo so not done a lot this week.
    That woman on the railway line was a bit bizarre!
    How do you find out what search terms people have entered to find your blog, I'm not very 'techie!'?

  2. Thanks Steph. Hope you feel better soon.

    I'll PM you the link which you have to add to your blog before you can see the number of hits etc.


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