Back again

Over the last couple of weeks the cold has hit my training hard having only just restarted yesterday. I was intending to do a couple of easy runs starting last Monday once the cold started to begin clearing. In the end I felt a little too chesty, partly had lots going on at work and part laziness I guess.

I'm now 95% recovered with just the odd cough and flemmy throat so went out for my first run in 13 days yesterday. I did 7 miles but went out a little too hard and suffered a fair bit towards the end. I averaged 6.38 min miles in a total time of 46.45 which is a record for that loop - so much for a nice easy stroll! I found the run quite hard which is partly due to the pace I went, partly not down to full fitness but also because its my first run back for a while. Now my first run is out of the way I can return to normal training.

Today I went on my usual 9 mile loop at an easy pace, but for a bit of variation I put in 10x50 metre steep uphill reps with a 20 sec downhill recovery at the 5 mile mark. The deviation resulted in 10.5 miles in total. The idea was sound but don't feel I got much benefit as the hill was not long enough. There are another couple of hills which might be better next time.

I've got my first major race in three weeks time mainly as preparation for the OMM at the end of October. I've entered the Dark & White RAB Mountain Marathon which is going to be held at Coniston in the lakes. Its 6hrs day 1 and 5hrs day 2 'score' event. I've entered it as a pair with my OMM partner as preparation as we have not really trained together before (just one 15 mile run to date). Early indications are that I've got more pace, but he has better endurance - I'm nowhere near fit enough for 6hrs running around the Lakes with a full rucksack. We've decided to run day 1 at race pace and see how we do at the overnight camp before deciding how much energy to put into the second day. In essence I've got 2 weeks of hard training available to me before I'll begin winding down for the race.

Over the last week I've bought a couple of bits of kit, part for the MdS and part for the OMM. I've bought a new sleeping mat weighing in at 100g. Its part aluminium foil and part foam (about the width of a crisp). I've also bought the RAB Quantum Top Special sleeping bag which weighs in at about 330g. It only has down on the top side as the idea is that down provides no insulation when you lie on top of it. To ensure the bag doesn't move during the night, I'll put the sleeping mat inside it. Whether I'll use it for the UK events is going to be very much dependant upon the weather forecast. I don't really have the money to buy kit at the moment so have been selling loads of my old uni books and have also been trying to clear some space on the bookshelf. So far I've made a net profit of £65 on amazon so the kit has already almost paid for itself.


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