Getting paid to go for a run.

Its been a bit of a strange week. As usual I rested on Monday before going for a 9 mile run through Sutton Park. I struggled a bit towards the end but was generally pleased as its the furthest I've done in training for a while. I was intending to put some good training in during mid-week but work commitments meant that by the time I was getting home I was far too tired. I also had my usual calf strain coming back so decided that going for a run wasn't going to achieve anything.

Yesterday I went for a 6 mile run not on any of my usual routes and for a good while in the countryside I wasn't entirely sure where I was going or how far I would end up running. In the end it was a nice enough steady run.

Today I went into work on a Sunday which is a first for me for quite a few years. It took me 90 mins to get into work by bus (rail replacement service) so decided to run home as it wasn't going to be any slower. As I don't normally work on a Sunday I get paid for travelling to and from work, so it was my ideal type of run getting paid for it at double time! The first 30 mins are along the canals going mostly downhill, but quite a few short and sharp inclines going over the bridges. The next 30 mins is mostly gradually uphill and involves running under Spaghetti Junction. After 45 mins in I had to stop off at a shop and buy a drink - it was very warm and was getting rapidly dehydrated. Shortly after I ran past some kids who were taking the piss by running along side me and saying 'cant you run any faster'. So I challenged them to run about 100 metres to the traffic lights - needless to say I won! As a result I have a nice 'spike' on my speedometer readings!

All in all it was a 11.6 mile run which was done with a light rucksack on in 1hr 27mins which is about 7:33 min/mile pace. The total for the week is 26.5 miles which is shorter than last week but is compensated for by the average distance being longer. Not a bad week in the end!


  1. Wow... what a regime Lloyd. And getting paid to go on a run at double time! Do they have any vacancies


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