Since my last post the chestyness I was experiencing has turned into a full on cold. Although I could go out for a few short runs there doesn't seem to be much point so my training for this week will be zilch. I have been lucky until now and knew I was well overdue for something as I escaped last winter unscathed. Still annoyed though - if its not an injury then its an illness. Will I ever manage to put in a full months training without disruption? Answers on a postcard.


  1. Try upping your vit c intake lloyd it helps with the general avoidance of colds etc especially when your training is taking a lot out of you.

    wghen do you think you going to break the 50milesper week barrier?


  2. Have you also thought about reducing your mileage per activity to maybe 3 - 5 miles per activity but trying to increase to 2 a day?


  3. I would say my vit c intake is already ok - I take a multivitamin tablet every day, plus eat quite a bit of fruit whilst at work. I guess its just one of those things especially when you sit in close proximity to someone who has the lergy.

    50 mile per week barrier? I would say mid to late September assuming I can start training again early next week. Having said that I've got 2 club cross country races in early October so wont be doing much mileage in those weeks. Ultimately I'll be looking to the 60-70 mile a week range around Feb-Mar next year in the build up to a big event - though havent decided which event yet!

    At the moment I'm not going to reduce my distance so I can go out twice a day. I dont think my mileage is particularly high at the moment to warrant it. Its something I'll probably do next year once the heavy training really kicks in.

    I've also got to consider how i'm going to get to work in central Birmingham from Tamworth each day. I've currently got this mad cap idea of cycling, or at least on 2-3 days a week (too tight fisted...). Its about 20 miles each way though and I'm aware that doing this could either be a benefit or muck up my running as a result. I'm leaning towards perhaps cycling every few days so it shouldnt intrude too much.

  4. Hi Lloyd, hope you are feeling better now, it's so frustrating when illness scuppers training plans.

    I suppose that with the level of training we will have to do, the odd bout of illness or injury is pretty well inevitable sometimes.

  5. I'm well over the worst of it thanks. My sinus is still a bit blocked so still havent been out for a run yet and doubt I will until the weekend.


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