Last week I haven't done much again because of the foot problem but I also rested a bit anyway after the exertions at the footpath relay. This week I went out for a very short 3.5 mile run on Tuesday to test the foot (without the orthotics) and I didn't really feel much during the run, although I felt a small amount of stiffness afterwards. Hopefully I'm heading on the right track now.

Today I've done some of my first 'proper' orienteering at Pooley Fields near Tamworth. The weather was dreadful - heavy rain for most of the morning and some of the worst conditions I have run in for a while. Having said that by the time I finished it had stopped raining (didn't notice), but the damp undergrowth ensured I stayed soaked anyway. To be honest I didn't enjoy the run very much, as was demonstrated by the amount of swearing... I was making the most simple of mistakes and couldn't even stay on or find the paths which is pretty basic. I think some of it was because I haven't orienteered enough recently so am out of practice. Overall I came 17/46, some 16 mins behind the leader. The only positive was that I was first M21 and ahead of the leader in the West Mids league. I'm now 81 points behind but with one race to spare so am well positioned (my average is 98 whilst the leader's is 94.6).

The last few 'proper' orienteering races I've been to I really haven't enjoyed which is partly why I've not done much over the last few months. I'm beginning to think about stopping or heavily reducing the amount I do and focus on my road running/cross country instead. I'm thinking about still doing things like mountain marathons, long-o, sprints and the odd night event, but just stop doing the standard day events.

I'm entered in the Milton Keynes half marathon next weekend - I'll see how I feel and make a judgement about the foot during the week. If I do run I'm not in pb form so might just take it relatively easy and aim for 1.30 pace.


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