Autopsy of Milton Keynes

Since the Milton Keynes half last Sunday I let my legs recover for a few days, especially since they haven't done much training over the last couple of months. I was going to go out for a run on Thursday/Friday but in the end didn't bother.

Yesterday I went out for a very short 3.5 mile run at a fairly easy 7 min mile pace around my usual loop. I was intending to do another half loop, but as you get tired its all so easy to cut it short which was what I did. My legs were ok but were relatively quite tired considering the short distance.

Today I was going to do the same loop but at the last second went out into the countryside so I couldn't do any shortcuts. I took the early part nice and steady and although my legs still had a few aches from the last week felt pretty good. In the first half I was running around 7.15 min miles, before not being able to help myself and increasing the pace in the second half to around 6.45 min miles. Overall I did 7.1 miles averaging 7 min miles. Bizarrely I was running loads quicker than the race last week even though I was in training mode. I think with hindsight last weeks poor performance was partly down to lack of training, part blisters, part setting off too quick and maybe part down to some sort of bug. I did have diarrhoea in the two days before but just put it down to eating too much fruit at work! Maybe I had something which although I hadn't noticed caught up with me in the race. Either way after a good run like today I am feeling a lot more positive and perhaps am not as unfit as I first feared. Perhaps I should also feel positive because my foot injury seems to have gone for the time being.

I'm going to rest tomorrow and maybe Tuesday as well but will see how I feel. I don't want to do too much too soon. I don't really have much planned for August so I'm about to go onto Runner's World website to see whats on. One thing I am certain of is that the marathon I had originally planned for mid September is now out of the question so I need to have a bit of a re-think.


  1. Hi Lloyd, glad things seem to be improving, it certainly sounds like you had a bit of a bug when you ran Milton Keynes. I guess we have to listen to our bodies sometimes, I feel as though I haven't done much lately but on the plus side my Achilles problem seems to be much improved.
    I reckon if you just build up again slowly you will be fine.


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