First Target of the Year Achieved

The weather today seemed pretty good so decided to go out for a bike ride on my usual route, even though my legs were still quite sore from yesterday's 10k. My best on this course is 49.27 in late 2006 for what I thought was a 14.5 mile course. Well having now measured it on mapmyrun it appears that I was a bit optimistic and it is actually only 13.6miles (basically the same as my half marathon run but with an extra half mile on the Lichfield Rd towards the end- map attached on my previous blog post a couple of weeks back).

As you can see from the elevation profile the first part of the course is fast and mainly downhill though it feels flatter than it looks with a few short but sharp climbs. The two main climbs are towards the end of the lap with a short but very steep ascent in Shenstone, then a very long steep ascent from Little Hay to the TV mast. The low point of the course is 89 metres and the highpoint 174 metres.

I decided to go as hard as I could, but very early on I could feel that my legs were still very tired from yesterday and so eased off for 30 secs before picking up the pace again. Although I didn't intend it this way I ended up doing it as a time trial, so it became the target to beat my 2007 aim of going round in less than 48 minutes.

After the first 10 minutes things began to settle down and I found it reasonably comfortable, using the largest gear possible on my mountain bike (although 24 gears I could do with some more, as even on the flat I'm using the largest gear possible so am not going as fast as I could). I did get someone beep their horn at me as I couldn't be arsed to wait at the junction, but it was a left turn and safe enough.

In the end I got round in not just under 48mins but in a new best time of 44.47!!! This equates to an average of 18.25mph (it is was well above 20mph before I hit the last hill). Sooo... that's the first 2007 target achieved! Even though I've had a couple of disappointing 10k runs over the last few weeks it does show that I have got a lot fitter since last summer having beaten my previous best by 4.40 which in cycling terms is a country mile.

I reckon I could go faster still, but the traffic would have to be in my favour all the way round, the weather perfect, would need a road bike, and the odd risk or two which I'm not prepared to take. One target down, three to go!


  1. So you're the one responsible for my camel spider nightmares! Only joking, well done on your 10k, you are much faster than me- I completed the Belvoir Half in 2hrs 11mins 51secs.
    I have been reading your blog and am going to attempt to link to it from mine!


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