2008 vs 2016 Training

Not much to report over the last few weeks other than more training.  Something that has been at the back of my mind for a while is how my training today compares to what I was doing back in 2008.

At my peak in 2008 I was typically running between 60 - 120 km per week and was usually dependent on injury and whether I had any events planned.  Looking back at my training diary the fastest pace I ever did was 3.36 per km over 10km, although that was very much the exception and not the norm.  I had a few runs in the 3.50 - 4.00 range but on the whole most runs were between 4.00 - 4.15.

To sum up in a sentence I was doing a lot of training at a relatively low intensity pace overall (although I dont recall my pace being particularly slow at the time!).  I guess quite a lot of the mileage were 'junk miles' such as running to/from work at little more than a jog but my overall goals back then was to be able to run a marathon and ultra distances.

Fast forward to 2016 and my weekly distance is currently only 60km per week.  However whilst my fastest pace is only 3.40 per km (comparable to 2008) most of my runs are between 3.40 - 3.55.  The vast majority of my runs seem to be high intensity, relatively low distance.  I suspect I'm breaking every rule in the training handbook by pushing so hard on most of my runs but I guess I'm sub-consciously just trying to make every run count at the moment due to other commitments.

Despite all of the training in 2008 I recall my weight was at or around 11st 4lb whilst today my weight is about 10st 7lb and continues to fall.  Since i'm not running anywhere near as far now I suspect this is just down to healthier eating and maybe a little down to less overall muscle mass due to 7 years of doing very little!

Despite all of the training back in 2008 I feel like my current 10k and half marathon pace will soon be much better than what I ever achieved.  That said until I actually do a race and run faster it will just remain a feeling!  As I'm not doing any long runs at the moment I doubt I could run a marathon in anywhere near my 2008 time.

There is a 10k race next weekend but not sure I'll enter.  Other than that my next race may well be in March!


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