Last full week of training

On Friday I did end up going out for another 10k but knowing I had a 21 mile run the next day I took it very easy, running at about 8.10 min mile pace, which is about as slow as I've ever run.

Yesterday I went out for what would be my final 20+ mile run before the marathon. Within the first 30 seconds of setting off I could feel that my legs were very heavy. As a result I quickly decided against doing an early small extension to my planned loop which would have made the total distance 22 miles. In fact between miles 2-5 I found it a real struggle and was beginning to harbour serious thoughts about doing only one 10.5 mile lap. In the end my tiredness didn't get any worse and the miles pretty much came and went. I knew I was running at a slightly quicker speed than before and just ran at a pace that I thought was suitable rather than clock watching which is more normal for me. I did the first 10.5 mile loop in about 1.15.30 and still wasn't feeling great, but a lot better than earlier.

With about 6 miles to go on the second lap I was feeling relatively good by this point so put a bit more effort in. I think it was more of a case of putting in some of my spare energy in the latter stages just to maintain the same pace. In the end I did the second lap in almost exactly the same time as the first - 1.15.30, therefore 2.31 in total for 21 miles which is about 7.10 min miles. In marathon terms this equates to about 3.08 pace. What was most pleasing was that I ran 7 minutes quicker than when I have done the same route over the last two weeks.

Even though I was running at a good pace, I still remain to be convinced that I'm at a sub 3hr standard. I think my current pace suggests that I'm more than capable of running a sub 60 min 10 mile race and I also reckon that I could run around the 1.18.30 mark in a half marathon. As a result I fully expect that my next half marathon will be about 4 mins quicker than my current pb. This suggests that my equivalent marathon time should be around 2.45 using various calculators. However I'm finding the link between pace and endurance quite hard and I'm not sure I've got it quite right yet. The only way of finding out will be in three weeks time I guess!

Anyway, back to the training I finished off the week today with a 12 mile run from work back home. My legs were feeling very tired throughout the run, but especially so in the early miles. It was only in the last 3 or so miles that things began to feel a little more comfortable. That said I still managed to do it in 1.29 so was one of my quicker runs, even though I wasn't pushing.

This makes the total distance for the week at 63.5 miles. Although not quite my longest week I have more than made up for it in intensity so for that reason it has been my hardest.

As I've only got 3 weeks left to the marathon I will now begin to ease off the training gradually. Next week I plan to do about 50 miles, with the long run at around 16-17 miles.


  1. Another good week mate... keep it up, you'r going great guns! Don't they generally say, whatever your half marathon time is, double it and add 15 mins? Not very scientific I know... Weather over here is unbearable at the moment. Not so much the heat but the humidity... really takes it out of you. I'd rather it was 30 degrees of dry heat, than 25 degrees and 90% humidity, which is what its been... totally drains you. It's amazing the affect it has! All the best for the next couple of weeks and the marathon.

  2. Thanks Dan. Generally speaking you should double your time and add 9-10 mins, but proportionally more if you are slower. Try this link to work out your times - its not suggesting these are the times you can run, but what the equivalent result should be. Its pretty accurate though all the same.

    I'd wilt like a kipper in the conditions you are running in - you deserve a medal to go out at all!

  3. Thanks for that Calculator Llyod... like it says, it's all relative... although in m y mind there is part of me that think (and according to this), that I might be able to do a 3:35 marathon, which would be so amazing if I could. However have to keep my feet on the ground and think of sub 4 hours first... we'll see :)


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