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After the cross country race I didn't do any training until Tuesday because of my continuing sore foot. I then went out for a 5.5 mile gentle run and the foot felt ok. What was unusual about this run is that its the first time in months that I went out whilst it was raining. About half way round it bucketed it down and in a funny kind of way quite enjoyed it. Must do it more often!

I followed this up by intending to do an 11 mile run on Wednesday. About 1km into the run my left knee 'went' quite badly. For those unaware I've had a very long history of knee trouble which was what stopped me from running for several years until I discovered cod liver oil last year. It was clearly bad news and I had to hobble straight back home. What was worrying for me was that it is the first time I've had any serious trouble since starting the supplements last year. Although I know I'm injury prone, this is the one injury I seriously fear. As a result I didn't go out on Thursday to ensure any potential inflammation had time to settle down.

On Friday I had devised a new route and went round a new 11.5 mile route at a fair pace, averaging 6:54 min miles. I have to say that I really struggled in the second half, probably because I went off a bit quick, plus I haven't done much training as of late because of all the recent events and injuries. On the plus side the knee didn't give me any trouble, so hopefully it was just a one off.

On Saturday I did mostly the same route, but with a small addition making it just over 12 miles. Even after the first mile my legs were really stiff from the day before and struggled most of the way round even though I was going fairly easy. In the end I averaged 7:30 min miles which I was fairly pleased with all things considered. Some of my foot pain has returned after I've finished training, but it doesn't seem to affect me at all whilst running, so am going to continue training for the time being and just monitor it.

Although I normally go for a long run on Sunday I'm going to take this as a rest day to let my legs recover and resume on Monday. In all I did just under 30 miles this week, which is ok considering I haven't been out as much as I would have liked.


  1. Sounds as though you've had another good week, all things considering. Hopefully the knee pain was just a one off! 30 miles a week is very good, and more than I'm doing at the moment.


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