Planning ahead...

Got my race number for this weekend's event. I've never done a five miler so this is new for me. If I run 30.34 then this should be equal to my current 10k pace of 38mins. If I do 29.46 then i'll be equal to 37mins and if I do 28.58 then I'll be equal to 36min 10k pace (and one of my 2007 targets). I've now bought a new pair of trainers becuase of blistering (the running shop did video analysis before recomending a shoe), and yup the new pair give me blisters as bad as before! I'm off to Boots tomorrow to find some tape to reduce the problem.

I'm in one of my 'feeling disenchanted with orienteering' phases, or at least I hope it is still a phase. The problem is that everytime I hit one of these phases it feels just that little bit worse than the last one. I've had a couple of grotty courses recently which has annoyed me, but then the Robin Hood Trophy course was pretty good, but I still felt unhappy at the end. I tend to be hyper-critical of myself - if I make a 15 secs mistake throughout the course i'm slightly annoyed, a 1min course I'm quite annoyed and a 3min mistake results in me not sleeping properly for the night...

On the flip side I have to keep telling myself that I've improved by leaps and bounds over the last few months and that I shouldnt be so critical of myself.

Over the last month or so I've been looking towards doing more road races and I have what is only my second road race in the last 10 years this weekend at Alsager. I've also entered the Fradley 10k on 11th March and am seriously thinking about a half marathon on 25th March in Stafford (never done one before!), but need to think whether my knee can take the strain. I would hope that I could run sub 1hr 30mins but I've never run more than 10k on the roads before so have no idea how I would do.

On a seperate note I'm almost certainly not going to do the JK this year - the cost is just astronomical £15 each day, plus £8 sprint-o plus £15per night at the YHA (30 miles away) plus travel costs and food. I really enjoy the JK but not to the tune of £120+. Instead of I have the options of another half marathon, or a 10k in Crewe.

Planning ahead I on the 15th April I have the option of the EBOR Seaside Scramble or a 7 miler in Newcastle or another 10k in Leamington. On the 29th April I have the choice of a half marathon in Stratford or Uttoxeter or a 10k in Derby. All other weeks between now and May I have some form of orienteering planned.

Over the last couple of weeks my training hasnt been brilliant - last week I wasnt able to do any as I was in Hemel Hempstead for the week through work, but yesterday I made up for some of this by having a good session in the gym - 25min cycling, 15min running @ 9mph (knackering), 2k rowing (even more knackering) and 20mins on the cross-trainer. This is the first time that I've used the running machine in years, but thankfully my knee felt reasonable.

Slightly rambling here - too much wine, and what is worse is that I'm about to go to the shop for more (plus a packet of Pistachio's!).


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