Disqualification at Lincoln

Today I did the Lincolnshire Bomber City event at Lincoln - 4.6km and 24 controls.

I had a good run throughout, generally playing it safe early but missed a few shortcuts that would have saved a few seconds. Lets cut to the chase - Between 7 - 8 there was an 'uncrossable crag' where if you went straight over the crag the control was only 125 metres away. The only acceptable route was probably three times the distance. I have to admit that I went over the uncrossable route, mainly because at the point I crossed the wall was only 1m high (but in other places it was about 5m) and didnt notice the extra thickness of the the feature on the map (I assumed it was just a normal crag). I'm sure others did the same. At download I owned up to my (unintentional) mistake and asked to be dsq'd - I also asked the controller to check out unusually quick split times like mine (it was a significant advantage). Originally I was told that as long as I wasnt leading there would be no need to be dsq'd - until I pointed out I was actually joint first! I dont think that leg was great, but then everyone else was in the same situation. To say I'm a bit p****d off is an understatement (I would have still led the results at the point I downloaded - assuming the other person in joint first at the time did the same thing as me (quite likely)), especially since I rarely win anything, but at least I feel my conscience is clear.

As for the positives - well I was able to run at near enough full speed with virtually no errors and was able to flow more freely between controls (i.e. plan ahead, execute and move on). I did enjoy it, but as I say I am extremely annoyed with myself. Even taking into account the issue between 7-8 I would be well up the leaderboard (and might have even won!).

The only other positive is that most people on Nopesport think I did the decent thing, which many other people in a similar position probably wouldnt. Quotes like "... you are a gent" "...think you are a star for being so honest" and "...huge credit for admitting what you did, many wouldn't" makes me feel just a little better. :)


  1. Greeting Lloyd,

    First of all, apologies for being the one who first raised the debate on the route from 7 to 8 with you. However, like Andrew Kelly on Nopesport said, I too was just impressed with it as a route choice leg and wondered if there was a real alternative to the way I went.

    Meanwhile I think you underestimate the number who took that particularly "direct" route when you say half a dozen- I reckon at least 13 (all those split times 1 to 9 plus 12 & 13 and finally 2 disqualifieds at the bottom who did 2.24 and 2.27 but no split time is quoted. Presume they were all the local students who probaby clamber the historic walls whilst staggering home from the pub on regular occasions!

    Anyway, that said, I have to congratulate you on both your speed and navigation yesterday, mightily impressive.

    Me, I made 3 big errors:

    1-2, 30 secs, when going the wrong way initially at the first roundabout; I hadn't quite got 2into the map" at that point.

    18-19, 2 mins, turned initially SE on the main road intersection instead of E, then got confused because I'd lost my bearings, went down the passage that came out near 12 and ran up past 11 before finally relocating near 9!

    22-23, 1 min, missed the main gate into the car park, missed the small gate down the small path and ran down the next turning, which turned out to be a dead end!

    I've looked at your route choices and the only ones I bettered were:

    3-4 a straighter route, down the side street on right, then down the small lane rather than your route round the main roads

    10-11 again straight (and under an arch)

    11-12, SW out of the control instead of N.

    And yes, I think you were probably the second best there on the day. Splits browser shows that John Rocke was probably a minute or so quicker than you were. Mind you, not a bad orienteer to come second to, he was 3rd M18 at the British last year and 4th in JK! And now he's training with Gaz at Sheffield he's bound to be even better!!

    Keep up the good work!

    The Old Codger

  2. OCM - Agreed with 3-4. I was still getting into the map myself and missed the turnoff. I realised only a few seconds after but by this point I decided to continue.

    10-11 I think the advantage of the shorter route was negliable but agree is seems quicker.

    11-12 Agree - lost about 10 secs

    There was also a better route from 2-3, but I was struggling with the map at that time so played safe!

    I think the next two city races are the weekend scarborough event (EBOR) which looks interesting and the JK sprint. Are you going to go to either?

  3. 2-3, looking at the times, your route was just as good as the alternative to the North (which I did). It was very tricky from the direction I approached (NW) as the control was hidden round the corner. Coming at it the way you did (from the SE), it was a lot more obvious.

    Now that I've looked at the map more closely, there is indeed a 3rd route, down another little alley (i.e. approaching the control from the NE!) Seconds in it only, I suspect.

    Meanwhile, I am intending doing both the next City races, assuming I am fit.....

    Very annoyingly, I have damaged a calf over the weekend, suspect it's a small tear. Hurt it on Saturday, innocuously running round Satnall Hills. Having enjoyed Oxford, didn't want to miss Lincoln, so ran, but it hurt from about number 3 onwards.

    I've decided to take a rest from all activity for 2 weeks (so no run at Oversley Wood on Sunday). Hope it's better in a fortnight otherwise I susect if not, I'll need to give it another month from then.... and miss all the February events.

    Argh! I HATE injuries!

    The Injured Old Codger

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